Welcome to the online Ultralight Information Publication (ULIP)

The ULIP are an initiative of the Belgian ULM Federation. The maps and the data in the ULIPs are collected by volunteers and made available to whom it concerns. Their purpose is to provide pilots with the most pertinent information at a moment’s notice so they can stay focused on flying.

ULIPS data is published for INDICATIVE TITLE only. Pilots wishing to use this data should contact the relevant areas in advance to ensure the validity of the published data. The federation cannot be held responsible for not respecting this guideline. Those in charge of clubs are asked to notify ale changes to the webmaster.

Change Log

2024 – 02 – 19: update EBTX

2024 – 01 – 31 : update EBML

2024 – 05 – 23: update EBHN

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Safety Day

Flying should be safe! Once a year, you get the chance to practice emergency landings with engine out safely on our Safety Day, under the guidance of experienced instructors.


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