What is an Ultralight?

An ULM is a small light aircraft for 1 or 2 persons. So far, in Belgium, we know two types of ULMs:

  • ULM, which resembles a small sport aircraft.
  • DPM, which is a motorized hang glider: you fly in open air.

In the future, autogyros and helicopters will also be added to this category.

Fly like a bird in an ULM

Seeing nature through the eyes of a bird, flying like a bird (but with an engine), and seeing the landscape below you from the air… That’s ULM flying!

Be part of the Future: Fly ULM You can fly locally with non-complex aircraft. But you can also take longer flights with the most modernly equipped aircraft. ULM aircraft are equipped with quiet, fuel-efficient engines and can be equipped with a parachute, the latest navigation, and safety instruments.

Flying somewhere opens up your world and brings you many friends! You are welcome in the ULM world all over Europe!

Safety First

Safe flying is one of the pillars of our actions :

  • we organize seminars, safety days
  • our instructors work together to improve and innovate training
  • we publish on safety issues
  • we work together with other  stakeholders to keep safe records.

Where to fly?

BULMF is publishing a map and list of all ULM Clubs, ULM Fields and airports where you can fly and learn to fly in Belgium: our ULIPS.
If you want to fly abroad : please consult the files of the European Microlight Federation :  https://emf.aero/mla-flying-in-europe/



ULM-rally Tunisia from 22/5 to 4/6

ULM-rally Tunisia from 22/5 to 4/6

We received the invitation to participate in the ULM rally in Tunisia. Deadline for registration: 21 April 2024. Those who would like to participate can find the registration form here.

Presentation project groundstations @ General Assembly 2024

Presentation project groundstations @ General Assembly 2024

Last weekend our General Assembly took place at Brussels Kart. After the official part, Paul Windey informed us about the ground stations project in Belgium - we wrote an earlier news item about this. You can find the presentation he gave in support here. Thank you...

Project ground stations in Belgium

Project ground stations in Belgium

Since the beginning of 2024, 3 air sports federations have started to deploy a network of ground stations in Belgium. Aim is to make non-commercial air traffic electronically "visible" (EC: eConspicuous) to all pilots in the sky. Our own BULMF, the VVMV - Vereniging...

Belgian Ultralight Federation

  • BULMF is a volunteer organization advocating for an attractive and safe light air sport without unnecessary obstacles
  • Provides services to our members for their insurances and licenses (aircraft or flight licenses)
  • Informs our members and advocates for their interests
  • Promotes safety through publications, seminars, and safety events
  • Provides support for instructors
  • Represents our members at the Belgian and European levels


Already member of a ULM Club?

Annual fee is 60€. In some clubs, this fee is included in the membership of the club. The club is transferring your details and payment to our secretariat. From that moment you are registered member. If you are a member of a club where the federation membership fee is not included in the club membership fee, you also pay €60 and forward your proof member flying club to secretariat@bulmf.be .

Not member of a Club?

Annual fee is 75€ to pay on BE70 7510 0406 2825. Help our administration and email secretariat@bulmf.be to confirm you have paid.

Member of VVMV with sport insurance?

Annual fee is 25 € to pay on BE70 7510 0406 2825. Email : secretariat@bulmf.be with proof of your sport insurance

Nonflying member?

Annual fee is 25€ to pay on BE70 7510 0406 2825. Email secretariat@bulmf.be to confirm you have paid. 

We focus on non-EASA certified light aircraft of all types ( ULM, Trike, gyroplane, helicopter…) in the framework of the actual and future Belgian and European legislation

We aim for an attractive, affordable and safe light air sport without unnecessary obstacles, including free flight for all European UL pilots

We work together with other Air sports federations at national and European level.


Guy WAUTERS, President
José MARTINS, Vice-President
Philippe HENDRICKX, Vice-President
Véronique DALCQ

And a lot of permanent volonteers: Akva PEDERSEN, Catherine GELIN, Christophe DREZE.  Not to forget all those colleagues helping us at events or for special projects.

Membership benefits
  • An individual insurance worth 25 €
  • Legal aid insurance worth 15 €
  • Newsletter and info of the Federation
  • Participation to all BULMF activities, projects, website etc.
  • Assistance in getting licenses 

And above all :  you become a member of a highly representative and active Federation, representing over 900 Belgian members at all levels, Region, Belgium and Europe

Register on our website to keep your data up to date

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